Enat Ethiopia Cafe
Atlanta, GA

About Enat



Enat Ethiopia Cafe & Mart is the culmination of a love story
that is the  reflection of a mother's legacy,  a tradition of
hospitality,  the need to serve, food and culture.  Martha
Kebede is the owner of Enat Ethiopia Cafe & Mart and the
restaurant is a tribute to her Enat,  which means mother   
in Amharic.

Martha's  mother given name  was  Assefash.  Assefash
was known throughout her community for helping citizens 
in need and the local clergy would refer them to her.  She
would open up her home to them cheerfully with a warm
smile and endearing hug  accommodations,  and a good
meal.  For her charity the local priesthood honored  her
with the name " Enat Ethiopia"  because she symbolized
the best traits of Ethiopia.



Ethiopian dishes enjoy an international reputation for the
excellence. The opportunity to sample them in their original
surrounding should not be missed.  Our restaurant  has
traditional sitting and decoration.  Do you remember when
you only wanted to eat with your hands?  Eating with your
hands and dipping or scooping food is an Ethiopian tradition
using the flat bread called injera.  All items on the menu are
prepared from herbs and  spices imported from Ethiopia and
recipes that have been  handed down  from  generation  to
generation for over three thousand years.

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