Enat Ethiopia Cafe
Atlanta, GA


    Coffee is first found in Ethiopia  and Coffee ceremony is an Ethiopian Tradition. It is  family time where you catch up with  the life of friends and families how their day went , smell  the coffee   enjoy and relax.

      If you want a coffee  ceremony at  Enat  make sure to call one hour
ahead   and  have time to sit enjoy and relax . Our restaurant operates  as if it is in Ethiopia,  give you  the Love,  the hospitality and  tradition and  culture of Ethiopia.

     After all we are the True  Ethiopian Food and culture    Don't  look any further for  the food and culture of Ethiopia  than Enat. 

      It  takes time as we roast the  coffee  grind the coffee and  and brew the coffee while you watching,  it is not only  the ceremony of  the coffee that is special ,  it is taking the time and spending the time with your loved ones,  How often  do you do that?

     Coffee ceremony is  $ 15.00  for the ceremony and
                                           $   2.00 per cup.
      So come  and enjoy  the tradition.
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